Blue Beanie Day

Some people think that Blue Beanie Day is about supporting the most recent browsers.
Wear your blue beanie to stick it to the backwards people who use outdated browsers.
Put a message on your site that says "Upgrade to Chrome or Firefox, or even IE9,
just for the love of all that is good STOP using IE7/6/Netscape..."

Turns out it's not that at all. In fact, Blue Beanie Day is quite the opposite.

Your site should be useful to anyone who views it. Browser hate was justified before
there were a bazillion different devices, each with a unique rendering engine.
Now it's time for the web developers and designers to adapt. Our sites are outdated,
not the users. We should be serving them, not the other way around.

When you wear your blue beanie for Web Standards on November 30th this year,
you are telling the world that you are committed to making websites that work