Gluten Free Lunch

Gluten Free Lunch

I found out that I had a problem with gluten in February 2012. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to go gluten free. There are only really three recurring issues that I constantly face:

While I can't do much about the first two (besides becoming The Dude), I can at least crowdsource some options for lunch downtown! Check it out, and if you know any gluten free meals downtown, please add to the list.

From a tech standpoint, this app is ridiculous. It uses Sheetsee to pull data from the spreadsheet, but Sheetsee doesn't let you add or modify data to a spreadsheet. So, I used a Google Form and ajax'd data at it for every action you can take on the site. The sheet is, well, ugly.

Technology used:

Check out Gluten Free Lunch